Its story

L’Azienda Agricola Montiverdi è immersa nelle verdi colline e nei vigneti nei dintorni di Gaiole in Chianti, piccolo paese che fu fondato nel 1077 e che ancora oggi si trova nel cuore del Chianti Classico.

The history of this farm begins in 1972 when the engineer Nicola Longo, who was an entrepreneur from Milan, chose to follow a personal dream and to buy this awesome place in one of the most beautiful areas of the whole Tuscany.

It is from 1985 that, what started as a hobby, become a real profession, so much so that the wines which initially were thought for a family use, have been brought out.


The main Villa, which was built in the 70’s, is rented to families and groups who wants to enjoy relaxing moments surrounded by the amazing Tuscan landscape.

The farm is sorrounded by 25 hectars of vineyards and the training method is head training, shaped as single and double guyot cultivation. Today the business is managed by Migliorini Family, that had been co-worker with Longo Family since the first years of activity. In fact at that time, Romano Migliorini was the supervisor of the vineyards and of the cellar. Romano’ s son, David Migliorini, after managing for twenty years another farm with his father and his family, has gone back to where everything started and is trying to rebuild and to readapt to the modern age the spirit of this beautiful place. After leaving the conduct of the previous business, Montagliari farm, that has been sold at the beginning of 2018, all the bottles of the historic collection have been moved to Verdimonti.